at Prairie Plains Kennels

Prairie Plains has two training ground facilities located in Alabama and North Dakota. Each facility is dedicated and designed to introduce your dog to every aspect of waterfowl hunting. Specifically designed training ponds with multiple points of entry and obstacles replicate exactly what the hunter can expect to experience on any hunting trip in the field.  Long shooting lanes and open grassland make sending a dog after a 100-200 yard plus retrieve the norm.  We strive to educate your dog on all the aspects he/she would encounter while on a hunt in the field and become proficient in performing retrieves confidently.

Prairie Plains offers a variety of training regimens for your dog.  We provide retriever training for AKC and UKC hunt tests, as well as, training for the “working man waterfowler.”  Our services begin with early-stage puppy training all the way through advanced retriever training.  We will guide and mold your pup to become an exceptional retriever through techniques acquired from  26 years of training experience to hone in and develop the best quality traits of your retriever.

Clay Dossett

Owner & Trainer – Alabama & North Dakota
Clay Dossett was born and raised in south Mississippi and has always had a passion for hunting and wildlife. He grew up following his father and uncle on many quail hunts, but as time passed and the quail population declined his interest turned to waterfowl. He has followed his passion of waterfowl and dogs throughout the states of North America and provinces of Canada. His love for dogs and bird hunting in general has made him a conservationist of the outdoors and a mentor to many who are interested in hunting whether they be young or old. Clay believes the hunting experience is enriched by the companionship and skill of a well-trained dog. One of his many pleasures is seeing his dogs work the birds in the field and competing in hunt tests.

Adam Dossett

Owner & Trainer – Alabama
Adam began his love for the outdoors at an early age. One of his father’s favorite stories is to tell how he used to take Adam as an infant listening for turkeys. Adam’s love for everything outdoors continues today. He and Clay began waterfowl hunting in the mid-90s. During this time neither one had a dog. After some time of being the dog, Adam realized he wanted a dog of his own to train to make retrieves on downed game. One Christmas he was presented a gift of a black lab female, who he named Belle. Adam trained Belle, and she became a really fantastic retriever. Adam continued to train dogs while in college and really fell in love with the retriever lifestyle. He currently lives in Troy, Alabama where he works as a Civil Engineer for the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

Trainers in Training

Brother and sister, Carson and Frances.

Carson and Frances, a vibrant brother-sister team, are united by their fervent love for British Labrador retrievers and their ambition to excel as trainers in this specialized discipline. Guided by their father Adam Dosset and their grandfather Clay Dossett, both esteemed mentors in the field, Carson and Frances eagerly absorb wisdom and expertise passed down through generations. With a thirst for knowledge and a commitment to excellence, they delve deep into understanding canine behavior and mastering training techniques essential for British Labradors.