The Puppies

of Prairie Plains Kennels

Prairie Plains offers puppies for sale from a select breeding schedule throughout the year.  We strive to produce healthy, conformationally sound puppies.  Our females are provided high protein, high-fat content foods, as well as, vet-recommended prenatal vitamins during pregnancy.  An average litter size is 5 to 10 puppies from our breeding stock.

At Prairie Plains, we try to breed for ability first and foremost.  We train and title our breeding stock, therefore we know the quality traits of each individual dog.  We can then take a male who has great drive and determination and pair with a female who has high trainability or vice versa.  This hopefully will produce a well-rounded pup that can perform at high levels.  We have had great success in our breedings and are continuously complimented by our clients.  

Prairie Plains British Labs come with full registration with AKC.  This means that owners of Prairie Plains puppies can breed their dogs and register their litter with AKC. 

Scotch x Boss

dob: 4/30/24
Males: 2 red

We are currently awaiting new litters. Please see our current breedings page for information about when new puppies will be available.